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We Offer Veneers in Cherry Creek

What Veneers?

The caring team at Cherry Creek Family Dental wants to help every patient enjoy the benefits of their best smile, with optimal oral health and teeth that are stunningly white and perfectly aligned.  Unfortunately, few of us are naturally imbued with the beautiful smile we crave, but the good news is that modern dentistry and expert dental professionals can help you to achieve the ideal smile that improves your appearance and elevates your self-esteem.

When you suffer issues like discoloration that can’t be treated with laser teeth whitening, minor imperfections like gaps, overlaps, and other misalignments that don’t necessarily merit full-on orthodontic braces, or teeth that are simply too small for your mouth, you need a treatment option that can deliver the speedy and comprehensive results you desire.  Cherry Creek porcelain veneers are a great option that can help you to treat one or all of these issues in two easy visits.

Traditional porcelain veneers consist of a thin strip of material placed over an existing tooth or teeth to camouflage issues like tooth discoloration, significant cracks or chips, and gaps, overlaps, or other misalignment issues, as well as problems like small teeth that are difficult to correct by other means.

In order to adhere veneers to existing teeth, the natural tooth must be etched in preparation, and this will result in some loss of tooth structure.  Dental Lumineers are the latest advance in porcelain veneers and they are much thinner than traditional veneers, at about 0.2mm.  This creates a more natural look as the thinner material emulates the appearance of tooth enamel.  In addition, your dental veneer specialist can preserve more of your tooth structure during the preparation process while still creating a pleasing final result.

Many patients with cosmetic dental concerns are good candidates for Cherry Creek porcelain veneers.  If you have an issue that is easily treated with a less permanent procedure, for example, or you have significant misalignment or tooth loss, other treatments may be preferable, and the specialists at Cherry Creek Family Dental will help you to explore all your options.

However, if you suffer from significant staining (especially intrinsic stains) that cannot easily be removed with laser teeth whitening, you don’t want to suffer two years of orthodontic braces to correct minor misalignment issues, or you have multiple issues you want to correct on highly visible front teeth, dental Lumineers could be an ideal treatment option.  Keep in mind, you must exhibit optimal oral health before undergoing this procedure.

Veneers are a permanent dental treatment, which means it’s best to get them done right the first time.  A dental veneer specialist has the training and expertise to advise you on the best options and deliver the outstanding results you expect and deserve.  When you elect to get Cherry Creek porcelain veneers with specialists that have the training and experience necessary to deliver superior outcomes, you’ll enjoy the perfect, personalized smile you never knew was possible.

You may not receive x-rays every time you visit the dentist.  It will depend on how often you visit and whether or not you have risk factors for oral health concerns.  Generally, you can expect to receive x-rays annually to check for tooth decay or other issues that may not be apparent through visual examination alone.  With the help of the experts at Cherry Creek Family Dental, you’ll receive the preventive care you need to maintain optimal oral health and avoid serious dental concerns.

If you’re tired of hiding visible dental flaws every time you smile or laugh, it’s time to contact the qualified professionals at Cherry Creek Family Dental at 303-722-3900 or online to learn more and schedule your appointment.

“Dr.Sewell is great had to have a crown replaced. Office is professional and hygienists are super! I am so glad we found this practice.”

 – Amy Forte

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The staff are friendly and make you feel at ease. Genuinely nice folks.


Great experience. Treatments explained clearly, including pricing.

Michael Watkins

I have had multiple services by Dr. Sewell and recommend all my friends over!

Joëlle Roehr