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Resin Composite Fillings

We Offer Resin Composite Fillings in Cherry Creek

What Resin Composite Fillings?

The professionals at Cherry Creek Family Dental are well-qualified to treat cavities, which are among the most common problems in modern dentistry.  Even patients that avoid sugary snacks and practice good oral hygiene at home may suffer a cavity sooner or later, as there are so many factors that could contribute to the formation of tooth decay, including things like heredity, over which you have no control.

Although there are several options for filling cavities once the decay has been removed, resin composite fillings tend to be the most desirable choice.  What is this filling material and how does it compare to other options during a laser tooth filling procedure?  What can you expect when you undergo Cherry Creek cavity treatment?

During a laser tooth filling procedure, in which your cavity is removed with precision laser technology rather than a traditional drill, you will end up with a gap in your tooth that must be filled in order to avoid pain and further decay.  There are several different materials that could be used, including silver amalgam, gold, and resin composite fillings.

Amalgam fillings are not only the most common type traditionally used; they are also the cheapest.  However, there is concern over the mixture of metals used in amalgam fillings, namely mercury, which is why many dentists prefer alternative filling materials.  Gold is an option, but it’s the most expensive, and like silver amalgam, it will be visible in your mouth, which could make you self-conscious.

Resin composite fillings are in the middle price range, but they deliver something other materials do not – an invisible cavity filling.  Made from a compound of plastic and ceramic materials, resin composite fillings come in a range of color options to perfectly match your existing tooth.

The main benefit of choosing resin composite for your laser tooth filling treatment is that you will achieve invisible results.  This means you can smile and laugh with confidence following a dental filling, with no one the wiser.

In addition, malleable resin composite filling material adjusts to perfectly fit the shape of your tooth, which means you can preserve more of your natural tooth, as opposed to using a less flexible filling material.  It bonds to the surface of your tooth so you don’t need an additional layer of adhesive material.  If you have metal allergies, you’ll also avoid the discomfort that can accompany amalgam fillings.

Cherry Creek Family Dental is sensitive to the needs of every patient, which is why we go out of our way to explain procedures in detail before treatment, to ensure the greatest level of comfort throughout.  In terms of receiving a Cherry Creek cavity treatment, you can expect your scheduled visit to include any needed anesthetic for optimal comfort, following by removal of tooth decay, cleaning to ensure no infection remains, and installing an invisible cavity filling.  The length of your treatment will depend on a number of factors, but our talented team strives to work quickly and efficiently for your comfort and satisfaction.

If you are suffering with a cavity, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment with the qualified professionals at Cherry Creek Family Dental at 303-722-3900 or online today.

“Dr.Sewell is great had to have a crown replaced. Office is professional and hygienists are super! I am so glad we found this practice.”

 – Amy Forte

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The staff are friendly and make you feel at ease. Genuinely nice folks.


Great experience. Treatments explained clearly, including pricing.

Michael Watkins

I have had multiple services by Dr. Sewell and recommend all my friends over!

Joëlle Roehr