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Periodontal Dentistry

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Periodontics is a specialized field of dentistry focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases, or those that affect the structures surrounding and supporting teeth.  Periodontal dentistry is concerned primarily with the gums and adjacent tissues.  When these tissues become infected due to poor oral hygiene, illness, or other factors, dentists who specialize in periodontal dentistry will diagnose and treat the threat.

 Cherry Creek Family Dentistry proudly offers periodontal dentistry to patients dealing with mild to severe periodontitis, with treatments designed to combat infection, restore oral health, and prevent tooth loss common to untreated periodontitis.  Gum disease and tooth decay are serious concerns, and must be treated aggressively by qualified professionals.  Ideally, periodontitis can be spotted in early stages to prevent harm.

Periodontitis is the medical term used to describe an infection of the gums that if left untreated can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Gingivitis is the early stage of the disease and if diagnosed soon enough it can be treated with no deterioration to the gum tissue. The problem is that the symptoms of gingivitis are often ignored or confused. Bleeding gums for instance, are commonly thought to be caused by brushing too vigorously when in fact it may be an early sign of impending periodontitis which will require professional care.

Yes. There are traditional l periodontal treatment demands that a patient undergo the deep cleaning process of scaling and root planning to remove built up tartar from beneath the gum line. Various surgical procedures such as bone grafting are often recommended. However that is not your only option and if the above sounds uncomfortable than you may be interested in Periodontal Laser Treatment.

Cherry Creek Family Dental is happy to be able to offer Periodontal Laser Therapy as an alternative treatment. This technology allows us to use the concentrated power of a laser beam to remove damaged tissue and get rid of the infectious bacteria that promotes gum disease.

Periodontal laser dentistry can eliminate the patient anxiety that can be brought on by the thought of facing a time consuming and possibly uncomfortable series of treatments. Consequential bleeding and swelling is all but eliminated with laser therapy and the healing time is minimal.

Periodontitis is a form of gum disease caused by bacterial buildup and infection of the tissue.  It often begins as a milder form of infection known as gingivitis.  Periodontitis is almost entirely preventable.  With a proper oral hygiene regimen and regular dental visits for cleaning and examination, the early stages of gingivitis can be diagnosed and treated so as to avoid the onset of periodontitis.  When gum disease goes unchecked, however, infection will spread and eventually become periodontitis.

When gums are healthy, they’re pale pink and firm, they maintain a seal with your teeth, and they shouldn’t ache or bleed when you brush and floss.  When plaque and tartar begin to form below the gum line and infection sets in, your gums will start to become inflamed and irritated.  You may notice redness, swelling, tenderness, and bleeding.

In time, as the infection progresses, gums will start to pull away from teeth and teeth may begin to feel loose.  You might start to notice pus, as well as a foul odor and/or taste in the mouth.  You’ll probably start to have difficulty and discomfort when eating.

Without treatment, it is possible that you will start to lose teeth, and you may suffer severe infections like abscesses that could cause intense pain and even spread to your blood stream to infect other parts of the body, creating potentially fatal conditions.  In other words, you can’t afford to leave gingivitis or periodontitis untreated.

When it comes to periodontitis, the qualified professionals at Cherry Creek Family Dental recommend preventive care above all else.  However, if you are already suffering from the symptoms of periodontitis, there are several treatment options to explore, starting with a thorough examination and x-rays to determine the severity of the disease.

 Once a comprehensive diagnosis has been reached, treatment will likely include deep cleaning procedures, such as scaling and root planing to remove bacteria and prevent further buildup.  Antibiotics may be prescribed to deal with infection from the inside out.

In some cases, surgical procedures like bone and soft tissue grafts and/or guided tissue regeneration will be necessary to reverse the damage caused by periodontal disease and help you regain optimal oral health.  Periodontists are also adept at cosmetic periodontal procedures that prepare the mouth for restorative measures like dental implants.

Periodontitis is among the most serious oral health concerns.  Without treatment, it can not only result in tooth loss, but it can also threaten your overall health.  The periodontal experts at Cherry Creek Family Dentistry have the knowledge and experience to diagnose periodontitis and administer the most effective treatments to get you back on track for optimal oral health.

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Gum Disease Treatment

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Periodontal disease is the result of infection that has invaded healthy gum tissue.  It presents in stages beginning with gingivitis and without intervention graduating to advanced levels of periodontitis.

Gingivitis is very easy to deal with.  A professional cleaning and a program of good oral  home health care will usually be enough to prevent any irreversible damage.  The same cannot be said for stages two and three periodontal disease.  At this point a patient will begin to experience increased bleeding after brushing or flossing, redness of the gums and unexplained bad breath due to the infection spreading underneath the gumline.

Treatment will consist of a deep cleaning to remove the built up plaque and tartar that is contributing to the periodontitis.  Symptoms to look for may include a shift in the position of some teeth, receding gums and more bleeding.  Bone loss will have begun by now and will continue to progress if not seen to.  Advanced periodontitis may require surgery in order to save the teeth.

Our doctors stress the importance of regular dental checkups and scheduled cleanings to prevent and check the progression of gum disease.  Other methods of protection will be discussed as a part of your appointment at Cherry Creek Family Dental.

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