Root canal is the four-letter word of the dental world. It’s the one thing that everyone dreads most when going to the Denver dentist. But is it really that bad? No. But all you hear about these days are the horror stories. But Cherry Creek Family Dental wants you to know the truth about root canals.

A root canal is necessary when an infection is so bad that the only way to control it is by removing the inside of the tooth. The infection is what makes the process so painful. If the infection is so bad that the process becomes an emergency, then the infection usually hampers the effects of the anesthesia. But if the Denver dentist catches it in time, then they can provide antibiotics to help control the infection prior to the procedure. That way there will be nothing to interfere with the anesthesia.

A root canal can actually be a good thing as it allows for you to keep your natural tooth, providing a natural looking end to the ordeal. Call Cherry Creek Family Dental if you feel pain in your tooth; they can show you the truth about root canals.