What? A root canal is a good thing? Absolutely! Most people don’t understand what a root canal actually and where those terrible horror stories come from. A root canal is when your dentist in Denver removes the infected middle part of the tooth, leaving the outside of the tooth in tact. The reason that most people fear this procedure is because the infection tends to react with the anesthesia, rendering it ineffective. But by treating the infection first, Cherry Creek Family Dental can make the procedure painless.

So why is a root canal beneficial? Can’t they just pull the tooth? They could, and yes, that would solve the problem. But it would also create new problems. Missing a tooth means that your body will try to close the gap by squishing your teeth together and moving things around. This can cause some serious pain in your neck, literally.

Call Cherry Creek Family Dental to find out the true benefits of a root canal. When handled by a trusted dentist in Denver, a root canal has many more benefits than drawbacks and can be performed pain free. Call today for more information.