There are few things as understated as a good dental cleaning. But it’s about more than just feeling good and looking great. Getting a good cleaning once or twice a year by your Denver dental care provider can actually help you maintain health throughout your entire body. And there’s nothing more important than your health.

Plaque that gets left on your teeth hardens and becomes impossible to remove tartar. The only person that can remove that stubborn tartar is your Denver dental care provider. If left to its own devices, the tartar will force the gums away from the teeth creating a little pocket between the two. This pocket is the best place for bacteria to hide out and fester.

The bacteria can do incredible amounts of damage to your mouth including bone loss, infections, and it can even put you at risk for oral cancer. There is no reason to take such a drastic risk with your overall health. You need to make sure that you’re visiting Cherry Creek Family Dental at least once or twice a year. Call them today to schedule your appointment. Don’t wait another day!