It seems like everything costs more these days. Gas, groceries, college tuition are all on the rise and continue to rise at an alarming rate. So when you hear that someone wants to give away a valuable service for free, you should jump on that opportunity. Your Denver dentistry leader is giving away three hundred and fifty dollars worth of teeth whitening.

Cherry Creek Family Dental knows that it seems like everyone wants a piece of your money. That’s why they are more than happy to give you something for a change. There’s no gimmick involved with this gift. It’s just a simple and wonderful way to thank you for becoming a new patient. All you have to do is schedule and attend your first complete check-up at Cherry Creek Family Dental and they will give you your free gift.

It says a lot about your Denver dentistry leader when they try to find as many ways as possible to give something back to you. When all everyone else wants to do is take what little you have left, Cherry Creek Family Dental wants to put a little back into your pocket. Call them today.